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7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

These are my Supa 7 reasons why animals are smarter than humans

1. Speed

Who is the fastest man alive? answer that.

If your answer is Usain Bolt, then you’re wrong because Bolt has a world record of 9.58 seconds that is 44.72km/h which is 27.8mph.

Years later Justin Gatlin broke the record with a speed of 9.45 seconds which is equivalent to 44.64km/h or 27.8mph.

Though Gatlin’s record didn’t count because of something, you want to know?

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Apart from Gatlin, what about Allyson Felix, let’s put that aside.

The fastest animal is?

If your answer is Cheetah then you’re wrong the second time, well maybe the fastest land animal.

Cheetah’s highest recorded speed is 109.4km/h which is 680mph but have you heard of Peregrine Falcon? This amazing bird at its top speed is 389km/h also 242mph.

So let’s compare the speed of this Falcon to Bolt’s speed, 389km/h to 44.72km/h, Solve it yourself.

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