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7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

2. Security:

In this era, human tends to be more secure mounting animals on guard in replacement of human because human is full of imperfection.

We sleep on guard and we loose guard; we think of our loved ones on duty.

We have family problems; we have family responsibilities. We are emotional in decision making and judgmental when suspects are arrested, sometimes we collect kickback.

These are the reasons why some people prefer animals to human in a security role.

Employ human as a security guard, he’ll take more days off, he’ll sleep on duty, he’ll go to another employer for the best remuneration and best options if you’re not financially buoyant and broke.

The world's smartest animals are definitely unexpected | Science 101

Dogs are better on guard compare to human, a shepherd dog leads flocks of cow to graze in the morning and will guard them back safely to the house in the evening without any cow missing.

Animals sensory organs are more advanced than human; they see what we don’t see, they perceive what we can’t perceive, they hear from far off.

Do you know Geese are better guard animals? Yeah, Geese; they have better eyesight than we do.

This allows them to pick out strange movements, no matter how you try to bribe them or you threaten them as an intruder; they’ll make loud noises and alert the owner.

Llamas are superb livestock guards, they threaten and kills foxes and coyotes that tends to harm the livestock. They make a lot of noises at stranger and stamp their feet to alert danger.

Do you know researchers lately discovered that the immune system of Llamas might prevent Coronavirus compared to the human immune system; that’s true.

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