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7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

4. Accuracy:

There’s a popular saying “the closeness and proximity of trees in the jungle make monkeys swing freely and skilfully” but it’s more than that, it’s the monkey’s accuracy.

When a monkey is on a tree he targets the next branch and accurately swings, he targets another and swings and so on.

Its accuracy makes him skilful. What about dolphin, you should all know dolphin is game player, it juggles the ball with its mouth like no other person with 100% accuracy.

Parrots Singing - Funny Parrots Singing Songs! - YouTube

Throw 50 items or food to a dog and it catches in the air with its mouth without missing any.

Now try it with human, it’ll be a total error. Let me use myself as an example, when I throw cookies in the air and catches it with my mouth in child-play mode.

I luckily get 5 out of 10 in my mouth, well we guys catches accurately more than our ladies. Our ladies are poor catchers.

You want to try? (laughing) okay set yourself 7 to 10 paces from a lady and throw an object to her. 80% assured; that object must fall. Well don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about the sportswomen.

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