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7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

6. Protection:

The little ones need to be under our watch at all times. In my country, Africa Asia and some part of other continents our mothers put their babies at the back.

Each time the mother wants to go out, the baby will be backed but I’ve argued this with several ladies that the best way to protect and carry a child is to use a carrier.

Some animals use the best method to protect their little ones by placing their little ones at the front not at the back.

Kangaroo, Koala and other Marsupials families all have a pouch for nourishing and protecting their little ones.

They place their little ones at the front to guide and protect them from an intruder or against any harm.

The most appropriate place to put your child is the front instead of using a cloth to wrap, use a baby carrier.

Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals |

A child can be best monitored at the front, you’ll know when he hiccups, when he swallows an object and choke; when a stranger offers him a snack without your consent, when he is ill.

When he has high temperature and needs help, when he’s playing with sharp objects and most importantly; the inner composition of the back is the vertebrae column.

The skeletal have no benefit for the kid but the inner composition of your chest is your heart.

When you put your child at the front, there’s a heart-to-heart communication between mother to child

This increases bonding between them, so our mothers let your child feel your warmth

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