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7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

7. Memory:

Humans are thinking about many things, there are many events going through our minds.

We are pre-occupied with many psychological, physical, emotional, social and spiritual activities to the extent that it’s affecting our memory stability.

Let me use myself as an example, I met with an old fellow who was introducing himself to me but I couldn’t figure it out where I knew him.

He used different methods, mentioned those I might know with him. He recalled the events that happened at that time but I couldn’t.

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He was embarrassed and when he left, my memory was triggered and I was recalling his face, voice, moments and other stuff. I ran to meet him, apologized and we chatted.

Animals are never like that; dogs possess a very vivid memory that they can recognize you after 5 years of meeting you even if it’s dark at night.

When they sniff you, your body scent will make your memory comes back to them.

Research even shows Dolphin can remember 20 years events, that’s wonderful and I can’t even recollect vividly the happenings of 2 past years. My mind is so preoccupied.

So the long awaiting question is; what is that unique difference between human and animal.

What distinguishes us, what makes us so special if animals are having all these qualities I’ve elucidated more than human.

The only unique difference between animal and human is reflection: we human think reflectively, when a mistake or an event occurs we fall back to the event and ponder, meditate and also think on how to prevent such event or error in order to stop happening.

We are human and we make mistakes, we are erroneous in nature but we work on our errors and we correct them. This is so difficult for animals to do.

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When a he-goat comes to your surroundings and eats your food, beating it doesn’t stop it from coming the next day to consume your food.

A stupid sheep that was rescued from being hit by a car today doesn’t stop it from running away from a car tomorrow.

They don’t meditate, they don’t think ahead of time. Their brains are not developed to control the future occurrences based on the present happenings.

The only unique difference is our ability to think of the past the present and the future.

That makes our brain more developed than theirs, our brain is the unique organ that makes us take charge and dominate our environment to make it develop unlike the animal behaviour in the animal kingdom.

So when the only difference between you and animal is your special brain, tell me why you can’t use your unique brain to change your environment and innovate.

If you can’t then you’re no better than an animal; why? Because they’re having other features and qualities than you.

7 reasons why animal is smarter than human

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