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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

4. The Media should be empowered in order to promote contents and campaigns that are educative and to change their mind-sets of the citizenry and most importantly the adolescents

5. I’ll categorize the religious leaders under this, in our churches, mosques and other religious institutions.

They should give more teachings about what the Bible, Quran and all other books speak about rape; as not only as a crime but also as a sin and they should speak more about the measures and consequences of the crime.

They should groom their religious adolescent and teenager’s followers on how they can be closer to God.

Centre records 652 rape cases in 3 years in Kaduna - Daily News 24

  • 3 ways on how to stop rapist as a brother (family):

1. Don’t let movies you watch define who you are as a man: Netflix, Bollywood, Hollywood, Nollywood, Gollywood or any wood movies shouldn’t impact or reflect on you negatively.

It’s a film, it’s staged, it’s entertainment and it’s not real. The purpose of it being staged is to add some realism to it and the purpose is for you to learn.

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