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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

So if you watch a rape scene or a lady molested in a movie or a lady being beaten that doesn’t mean you should inculcate that or apply it to your real-life situation.

2. Don’t patronize sex workers: Some guys derive pleasure and satisfaction in visiting hookers or sex workers, some even liked going to strip clubs.

Say No To Rape. The English dictionary defines rape as… | by Sogolo samuel | Medium

All these make you sexually hyper and makes your demand for sex excessively high. When you’re broke and your sexual urge pricks you with no money to visit sex workers or see stripers you’ll end up forcing and assaulting a lady

3.  Respect her physical body: Some guys don’t rape but they indulge in the lesser class of rape which is harassment, some guys can offensively and embarrassingly explore and make remarks about ladies’ physical body endowment.

They don’t rape with their dick but they rape with the word of their mouths. Have respect for every lady, do not intimidate and verbally victimize them.

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