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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

I’ve mentioned how to stop rape by playing our roles as a brother, as government and as a parent, the question on your mind might be “what about the ladies, they’re the victims in question”.

Well, I’ll be rounding up with them, it’s quite unfortunate that in some rape cases the victims are the causes of their predicament.

There is a difference between an unaware rape and an anticipated rape, there is a difference between being attacked by a rapist and walking majestically to the rapist house and domain.

This powerful quote about sexual violence will change the way you talk about it | Mashable

There is a difference between being raped in a random street with torn clothes and being raped on a bed after you’ve already put away your clothes yourself.

It’s so sad that some ladies catwalk to their guys’ house and after seducing him and foreplay they’ll say no sex while the guy’s body has been turned on erotically, I’m sorry this is a sorry case.

Let me chip in a life story involving my friend’s uncle who was a defense lawyer for a rape case involving a lady and her boyfriend.

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