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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

After two to three cases adjournment, the defense lawyer asked the guy if he truly raped her because everyone believed the lady’s story and he insisted that it was not a rape but a consexual sex.

So the lawyer planned a gimmick and professional way of knowing the truth. On the court day, the lawyer said: “well, my client has confessed to me that he raped you and he accepted to face the consequences but he needs to be paid the money of the highly expensive bedspread which you stained with your shoes that day”.

You know what? The lady screamed “Nooooooo! I didn’t stamp his bed with my shoe, I put them off before I laid down on the bed” and the lady initially statement was that the guy forcefully carried her from the living room and slammed her on the bed before raping her so her statements are contradicting, the case was dismissed!

1 in 16 Women Are Raped the First Time They Have Sex, Says Study - Rolling Stone

My category of rape

I categorize rape into three kinds, I named them:

  1. Anonymous rape
  2. Silence rape and;
  3. Last memory rape

Let me explain them:

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