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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

Three kinds of rape.

1. Anonymous rape: This is a kind of rape that a victim is being attacked unaware and innocently without knowing or getting to know the rapist.

  • He rapist is a stranger, another name for this kind of rape is Mr. Nobody rape

2. Silence rape: This is a kind of rape whereby a victim is aware of the attack or see it coming but she is psychologically and mentally suppressed by threats.

  • This rape happens when the man proves authority or dominance over a lady. The rapists in this category are your fiancé,, husband, boyfriend and acquaintance. Another name for this rape is called No choice rape.

Rape costs survivors stress, trust, sleep and about $122,000

3.  Last memory or Opportunity rape: In this case, the victim is being raped in order to suffer or punish his victim or let me say the victim is opportunistically raped.

  • This kind of rape happens when the rapist knows he might not have the chance or have the moments again. The rapist is an ex-guy or a friend and another name for this is opportunity rape.

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