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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

So how can you stop being raped as a lady?

As I said, a rapist can either be a stranger, an acquaintance, boyfriend, fiancé or an ex. If you expect me to tell you the tips not to be raped by an ex, I’m so sorry I can’t my dear because you’re OYO, “On Your Own”.

You shouldn’t be in your ex house lonely in the first place. So I’ll be telling you how to stop rapist who is acquaintance, boyfriend, fiancé and a stranger.

How to stop rapist who is acquaintance, boyfriend, fiancé and a stranger.

Bangladesh: Protests Erupt Over Rape Case | Human Rights Watch

The first Monster: Acquaintance

There are several cases of victims being raped by people they meet once or not knowing very well; to avoid been raped:

  • Never meet someone you don’t know in a private place
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks you don’t know when it’s served, you can only take drinks that’re bottled and you must be the one to open the cap and most importantly don’t take alcohol if you can’t control your mind
  • Do not leave your drinks unattended, go everywhere with your drinks. Leaving it might make you feel dizzy after the Monster might have poured substances to it in order to make you intoxicated

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