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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

The second Monster: Boyfriend, Lover or Fiancé

This category of Monsters will only take advantage of you if they’re been deprived of their right, I mean the right of having full access to your body at their own time when they feel the sex urge.

The sexual engineering mechanism and how women sex organs and parts operate is quite different from how men operate, men are sexually triggered mere thinking about sex but women are sexually triggered when they’re touched.

Let me leave this for another topic articles.

She should just be silent”: the real roots of India's rape culture - Vox

Sound of warning to every lady!

1. Don’t tease: If you know you’re not ready for sex never give a man a tip of the iceberg by indulging in foreplay and when he’s hyperactive you say you’re not ready for sex.

2. Be polite: Due to hormonal changes and mood swings, you might not love to have sex. When your man wants you; tell him politely and let him know the reason why he wouldn’t have you

3. Close your organ’s door: Don’t agree to withdrawal sex method, this method fails and brings out the monster in a man. You’ll end up being raped when he’s at the apex

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