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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

Sex without the other party’s consent is a rape, sex supposed to be consexual not forced. Rape happens everywhere, apart from being raped by a stranger, anonymous or Mr. Nobody, it happens in friendship, relationship, courtship and marriage.

Rape is common among women so I’ll be speaking about female and I’ll be citing women throughout this article. Though guys are raped too, they fall victim but in 9 of 10 cases, it’s always women.

Parents: How To Talk About Rape, Sexual Assault, And Consent

In our world we depict women as a community outcast; in movies, our society and family we view them as weaker entities. They don’t have their own voice and this has been going on for millennium and ages since the creation of the earth.

Women are so powerful intellectually, they are highly-rated in all other features but when it comes to emotions and strength they are so weak and feeble. Rape deals with strength, force, battle and combat and this is why ladies lose the battle and are always submissive to men during rape.

The victims that appear to be the strongest and struggle so hard with the Monster will end up getting a fractured bone, black eyes, some bruises and even concussion.

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