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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

There are three types of sex offenders, we have:

  1. The rapists
  2. The sex assaulters and;
  3. The sex harassers.


1. Rapists: Molest by physical penetration of p*nis or any other penetrators without the consent of the victim

2. Assaulters: Touches, kisses, rubs, brushes, fondles a victim intentionally without consent and uninvitedly

The last offender is;

3. Harassers: harassers intimidates and makes verbal and offensive remarks on the victim.

Topic · Anti-rape law ·

Or let me put it this way, a rapist assaults while harasser insults, these sex offenders do this as the result of what they see in their environment; what they watch in movies and the ways their parents behave at home.

They’ve been witnessing this when they were kids, some rapists were raped also as a kid by gays when they’re on the street because they have no home and parental attachment bonds.

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