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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

The mystery about rape is that the Monsters are not only raping their victims who are sexually attractive or ladies that are exposing their curves and shapes but they are also raping ladies that believe in covering their bodies including the hijab sisters and catholic sisters.

Let me tell you how we can all play our roles to stop rapists in our community

As part of an attachment and connection to the womanhood in our community:

  • We can play our roles as parents,
  • As a government and;
  • As a brother (family)
  • 7 ways on how to stop rapist as a parent:

The Truth about Date Rape

1. It is your duty to give your daughter sex education tips, the do and don’ts when she clocks the puberty age; when she’s developing some changes in the body.

Let her know what she must do and what she mustn’t do, where she must go and where she mustn’t go, how to dress and how she mustn’t dress, how to compose herself socially like sitting in public and all.

2.  Don’t train your daughters to be lover of money, covetous and Miss I Need More. Train them to persevere even when things go wrong financially in the family.

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Supa Fik

Supa Fik (Tolulope Yusuff) is the writer and creator of Know more Supa7; which is an inspirational and motivational platform.

Apart being a prolific writer; he is a creative technopreneur, associate publisher, webmaster and a multimedia technologist.
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