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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

3.  Don’t send them an errand alone in a lonely night and if it’s an important case let them be accompanied with a stronger fellow. The Monsters are mostly nocturnal; they majorly operate at night.

4.  Create more time with them, they’ll come with matters bothering their minds. They need to pour out, be attentive and ready to listen even when it’s jargons. Don’t let even your job and work prevent you from given attention to your daughters.

5. Have a frank sex education with them, let them know how v*gina and b*obs operate, for the guys let them know how their p*nises operate, let them know these are tingling and sensitive organs.

Some parents believe telling their kids about their sex organs is socially illegal, verbally unbiblical and Quranic unethical but later they got to learn them from friends and in schools. Don’t let your kids hear sex education from friends and schools, be the first to let them know these before it’s too late.

A Soliloquy on Rape, Accidental Apologists, and the Miracle of Change | by Vincent Okonkwo | Medium

Tell your daughter sex is sweet but if you have it now you’ll only enjoy for minutes and feel satisfied but later you’ll feel bitter throughout your entire life. If you tell them sex is meant for adults and when they clock 16 to 18 they’ll tell you they’re adults.

When you tell them sex is meant for the couples then they hook up with boyfriends and girlfriends in school and have their ways. Let her know sex is enjoyable and sweet but she might remain bitter and be miserable for the rest of her life.

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