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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

In Africa and some parts of the world, our mothers will advise their daughters “don’t let guys hug you, when they do you’ll automatically get pregnant. Let no guy kiss you my daughter when he does you’ll have kids.

Don’t let any male touch your b*obs when they do that means you’re pregnant” uhhhhhh our Momma please don’t use those methods anymore because it’s no more working. Things have really changed in this generation and era, it’s not how it used to be in your generation and your time.

Your daughters know more than you sexually, they’re more advanced. When you inject your daughters with all these fallacies; quite right they’ll believe you but when they grow up a little bit, they attend parties and they’re been smooched and snogged by their boyfriends.

Rivers Police investigates officer who allegedly raped widow - Market Digest Nigeria

Truly she might be in tears and grave afraid “Ohh my God! I’m pregnant, I’m in trouble, mom warned me “but later she discovered she wasn’t that means you’ve failed as a mother because she’ll go for more snogging, smooching, fondling, caressing, kissing, touching and finally sex because she enjoys every moment of them all.

Not for once because she’ll desires for more and more and more like Oliver Twist until it boomerangs. It’s your fault momma, it’s your fault for failing her in the first place.

6. Teach your guys to respect female privacies and opinions, teach them to respect ladies feelings and emotions. Teach them to be protective because ladies are weak, they need to come to their rescue in time of danger.

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