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7 ways on how to stop being raped by rapist

Teach them to use their strength towards ladies and not to use their strength against ladies, and moreover, the behaviour of you as a father towards his mother is the same behaviour he’ll enact on his fellow female and the opposite sex.

7. Be aware of the kind of TV channels and movies they watch, don’t let their minds be accessible to pornography and movies that promote female harassment and maltreatment of the female community.

Take charge of the remote at their tender age or the remote will take charge of their p*nis.

A man raped his 16-year-old sister-in-law | NewsTrack English 1

  • 5 ways on how to stop rapist as Government:

1.  The installation of CCTV must be paramount throughout all cities, sub-urbans and streets in the country; in fact, the installation shouldn’t be limited to the civilized environs but should also be extended to the villages and the rural environs.

2.  Female right should be enacted into the constitution and whoever that infringe the law should be penalized

3. There should be sex education on violence against women in all schools throughout the federation

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