Know More Supa7

Know more Supa7

Motivational Platform

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Supa7 is a motivational and inspirational platform.

It is a psychological initiative that enlightens you on 7 ways on how you can improve your knowledge.


The Podcasts, Motivational Blog posts and other contents can be applied to every area of life; marriage, relationship, family, personal skills and development, health and well-being.


Supa7 connects, communicates and changes the human behavioural approach physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually in different contents form and method which includes:

-Podcasts  🎙️
-Quotes 📜
-Blog posts 📰
-Videos 📺

They are digital products that are downloadable on your gadgets, watch as a video and also in text format in order to connect with the inner mind.

Supa7 Media is a subsidiary of Supatainment Media; an Organization into Entertainment, Advertising, Media, IT Solutions and E-Training.


OUR MISSION: To enlightens and motivates listeners by changing their mindset using a psychological approach.


OUR VISION: To change listeners’ behavioural and psychological mindset in order to have a beneficial effect on the future.

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