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Stepping up to the realization of peace through HWPL Western Africa Peace Development Forum

Since 71 local organizations from various fields such as NGOs, state officials, media, academic institutions, and youths signed the joint agreement for peace in 2021, peace educator empowerment trainings and HWPL peace education programs have been carried out across Western Africa countries including Nigeria and Ghana.

At the forum, the progress of the peace initiatives in 2022 was also introduced. 197 people from 121 organizations including civic groups, universities, educational institutions, and media completed the online peace educator empowerment training while more than 60 peace education programs have been conducted.

Stepping Up to the Realization of Peace through HWPL Western Africa Peace Development Forum

Regarding the plan to affirm the peace network in Western Africa, Kevin Lee from the HWPL Africa team encouraged the participants to join the peace initiatives by signing MoUs and MoAs.

“Let us shed the unprecedented peace light on Western Africa by planting the hope that peace can be achieved with our solidarity,” he said.

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